Sunday, March 1, 2009

03.01.09-10:44 p.m.


i drink diet pepsi
caffeine free
drink everything that
tastes good to me

32 ounce cup
filled with ice
wild cherry diet pepsi
tastes very nice

this isn't sponsored
i swear to you
i just like pepsi
not mountain dew

i'm gonna go now
and grab a drink
caffeine free diet pepsi
what did u think?

03.02.09-10:29 p.m.


the words are blurry
on the website
my diabetes
it just might

be me cooking up
this evening’s dinner,
so I will look younger,
beautiful, thinner

a box of penne
a jar of sauce
my feet are tingling
call the red cross

(written 03.04.09-10:18 a.m.)

(sing to The Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”)

hey padma lakshmi
what’s it like in new york city?
you’re trapped inside the tv
and girl you always look so pretty
yes you do
i’m eating pretzels just for you
not one but two (maybe a box)

hey padma lakshmi
can you make me peanut brittle
while i watch you in the kitchen
and we talk of malcolm little
close your eyes
i’m gonna vinegar some french fries
so open wide

oh it’s what you cook for me
oh it’s what you cook for me
oh it’s what you cook for me
oh it’s what you cook for me
what you cook for me

(written 03.05.09-12:04 p.m.)

(sing to The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life”)

I’m eating tuna late at night
Mercury poisoning and I feel right
I use the bowl from the baked beans
Cleaning out one bowl can be much harder than it ever seemed
I love to eat baked beans.

(written 03.06.09-2:38 a.m.)


a 2-liter fresca
some small pretzel rods
a five-dollar footlong
against all odds

i’m feeding myself
before the hockey game
no food allowed in
oh such a shame

filling ziploc bags
with pistachios nuts
saving some money
knowing what’s what